Our Work

Advertising, illustrative, or for planning purposes, the view from ABOVE Ground Level is stunning. A different viewpoint often never seen, we can show aspects of your project, you may not have thought possible. We also offer stabilized aerial video, to compliment your still imagery. If a photograph is worth a thousand words … an aerial image is worth a whole dictionary.

We cover all aspects of commercial work. Advertising, design, corporate, PR, Annual Reports, portraiture, illustrative, and anything else you can think of. We have a vast experience in commercial photography, and ensuring your brief is met with a professional attitude, on time and on budget, is our top priority.

Panoramic imagery has been around since the camera. It is a stunning form of imagery, which can fool the senses, and we have been shooting digital panoramas since 1999. We can shoot full 360˚ panoramic views using manual or robotic heads, and use the latest software to produce seamless images. Aerial panoramas and mosaics can also be provided. Our panoramic imagery is of the highest quality and resolution, with image files being as high as 16gb.

At it's highest level, portraiture is probably the most difficult work in which a professional can specialize. A successful portrait demands perfect photographic technique, a definite measure of artistic ability and a flair for handling human beings. Commercial or personal, our portraits reflect how we see the person, capture the essence of their personality, as well as the role they portray.

The essence of any good photographer is their passion. When ever possible we will shoot personal projects, or when something special grabs the eye. Here we can show you what we are really about. The stuff we love, the stuff we are passionate about.

We can provide a wide range of stock imagery, of a wide range of subjects. Both rights managed and royalty free imagery is provided. The planning has been done, the props, locations and models sorted, and the shoot completed. All you have to do is select the right image for your project. Visit our collection here.